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Girls Rec


Sundays Mid-March       Team Practices Kick off
Sundays April - May        MGLL League




Games are on Sundays beginning with team practice/scrimmage in Mid-March.  A Team T-shirt is provided with registration. No prior experience necessary. 

Fee: $195*

3rd/4th Grade
Games are on Sundays beginning with a team practice/scrimmage in Mid-March.  

Fee: $280*

5th/6th Grade
Games are on Sundays beginning with a team practice/scrimmage in Mid-March.  

Fee: $280*

7th/8th Grade
Games are on Sundays beginning with a team practice/scrimmage in Mid-March.  

Fee: $280*


In the unlikely event that public health guidelines drastically change and the spring 2021 season cannot be played at all – Bethesda Lacrosse will offer a FULL REFUND for all clinic and house/rec league participants.

No refunds after March 1.  Before March 1, there is a $25 processing fee for all canceled registrations not related to Covid.  


RETURNING PLAYER DEADLINE: If you are interested in returning to the same team as this past fall, then please make sure to register by February 10, 2021. After that date, players will be added based on availability.  

ROSTERS: Rosters will be emailed to coaches the beginning of March and game schedules will be available mid March. Games will be played in Montgomery County between 12-6pm. Bethesda Lacrosse is not in charge of the spring season game schedule. We will provide a link to the schedule on the MGLL website as soon as it is available.

PRACTICES: All divisions will have weeklypractices during the season. We will also kick-off the spring with pre-season skills sessions for all Bethesda teams!

EQUIPMENT: Your daughter will need protective eye goggles, mouth guard, and a women's lacrosse stick in order to play. Uniform provided for players who did not play in the fall. Players who played in the fall should use their fall uniform, but have the option of purchasing a new uniform if needed.

REQUESTS: In the Registration Form, you may enter a Coach Request and/or Teammate Requests. These are not guaranteed, but Bethesda Lacrosse will try to accommodate your requests.

VOLUNTEER: If you are interested in COACHING your daughter's team, the Registration Fee will be waived. Please contact Stacey Crowley for more information.



  Bethesda Lacrosse House/Rec Team 
Spring 2021 COVID 19 Guidelines
(effective 3/1/21)

The safety of Bethesda Lacrosse players, coaches’ and families is and will always be our TOP priority. The following are guidelines designed to help keep all players and coaches as safe as possible during training/practice/game sessions. The potential for transmission of COVID-19 will always be present, but these measures are being implemented to decrease the likelihood of a potential spread of the virus. Proper hygiene prior to attending team events is very important. Please make sure to wash/sanitize your hands right before and right after each practice. Please clean your equipment after each event and avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible. Parents need to screen their child for symptoms of COVID-19 before attending practices and games. Symptoms include but are not limited to fever, cough, tightness of chest. Coaches should screen themselves prior to practices/games as well. Prescreen includes taking temperature. Any athlete or coach experiencing any symptoms of a fever, recent cough, unusual fatigue, headache or has had any exposure to someone who has any COVID-19 symptoms should remain at home and seek medical treatment. He/She should NOT attend Bethesda Lacrosse events.

The following guidelines will be in place for Bethesda Lacrosse until further notice (effective 3/1/21): • All players and coaches will practice social distancing to and from the field of play. • No huddles, high fives, handshakes, hugs and/or fist bumps. • Practices will be modified to limit contact when possible and safely increase distance between players per the directive set forth by Maryland DOH, and other available guidance. • Players should arrive at the playing field prepared to play (i.e. with all equipment on). • All players need to bring their own water bottle and their own hand sanitizer to each practice/game. Please put your name on both. NO SHARING OR BORROWING EITHER ITEMS. • All bags and water bottles/hand sanitizers will be kept 6 feet apart from other bags. • Parents must stay in their automobiles or leave the site during practices. Parents may not attend/watch any practices outside of their car. • Coaches will wear face masks while coaching. • All athletes and coaches need to wear a mask entering and leaving the playing field. • Players may remove their mask, if they choose, during the practice/game session - unless otherwise specified by the venue or league. • Athletes will not be permitted to enter the field until their scheduled practice time. If you arrive early, you should wait in your car until the appropriate time to enter the playing field. • Socializing before and/or after the practice/game will not be allowed. Players will get out of their cars and head to the field at the right time and will head back to their car right at the end of practice. Positive test procedure: If a player, a player’s immediate family member or someone whom the player has had direct exposure to tests positive for COVID-19: • The individual should let the Club Administrators know immediately. • Bethesda Lacrosse will alert all members of that team of a positive case (we will not disclose the name of any individual that tests positive) and provide the upcoming schedule for the team. • If a player has tested positive for COVID-19, he/she will be held from practice and/or competition until they are symptom free for a period of 14 days or until they receive documentation from a health care professional with a clearance to "return to play.” • If a player has tested positive for COVID-19, and they are asymptomatic, he/she will be held from practice and/or competition for a period of 14 days from the test date or until they receive documentation from a health care professional with a clearance to "return to play.” Documentation may be required.