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When can I register for the Fall and Spring Rec Seasons?


Spring Season: Registration opens around December 1st. 
Fall Season: Registration begins around July 1st. 
Winter Season: Registration (boys) opens around November 1st.

Why does my son or daughter have to attend an Introductory/Instructional Clinic before signing up for a team?


Bethesda Lacrosse has always followed a time-tested formula of requiring players to attend an instructional clinic prior to joining a team. Basic instruction does not have to be through a Bethesda Lacrosse Clinic, but can be attained through other clinics and/or summer camps. It is necessary for players to know the basics of scooping, throwing, catching, field positioning, rules, and strategy prior to joining a team. This provides for a better experience for all players and coaches.

Do we have to have all of the equipment in order to participate?



All boys players MUST have a mouth guard, protective cup, helmet, shoulder pads, arm guards, gloves, and stick. All girls players MUST have a mouth guard, goggles and stick. We always encourage all to ask neighbors and friends to borrow as much as they can when they are getting started.  

How are players placed on teams and why can’t my coach request be guaranteed?


Several factors are considered when putting rosters together. These factors include play experience, position distribution (i.e. every team needs a goalie), prior team placement, school attended, and registration date. Players are placed on roster on a “First Come, First Serve” basis. Bethesda Lacrosse never guarantees specific team placement. We also keep roster sizes to a certain number each season to ensure a great experience for all players and coaches.

How do I find out what team my son/daughter is on?


Spring Season: Coaches will contact their players via email towards the end of February. 
Fall Season: Coaches will contact their players via email at the very end of August or first week of September.

Can my son/daughter “play up” or "play down" a division?


Although we strongly discourage it, players may play up if a parent requests in writing and is granted by the Executive Director and Rec Commissioner. However, no players, for liability reasons, may "play down" of their assigned division.

What is a typical roster size?


Typical roster size is a maximum of 18-20 players. This allows for both maximum play time and for enough subs for all of the teams. The K through 2nd Grade teams typically have 14-15 players.

What is Bethesda Lacrosse’s Coaching Philosophy?


Click HERE to read Bethesda Lacrosse’s Philosophy and the “Coaches Code of Conduct.”

How can I find out the time/location of my son or daughter’s lacrosse practice?


Practice locations and times are not determined until Bethesda Lacrosse receives their Field Permits from Montgomery County. Field Permits in the spring are typically released the third week of February. Coaches will contact their players once the practice schedule is available. Field Permits go into effect March 15th. We can not guarantee practice locations or days.

When will schedules be available?


Schedules will be posted on the website as soon as possible. You will receive an email announcing when the schedules are available.

If my son/daughter is on the waitlist, what are the chances of being placed on a team?


A player is placed on the waitlist when the division/clinic reaches the maximum number of players. Players are moved off of the waitlist when another player requests a refund or if Bethesda Lacrosse is able to secure additional coaches. It is difficult to determine how many players will to moved off of the waitlist. Bethesda Lacrosse attempts to place all players if space permits so register early to lock in your spot.

If my son/daughter is experiencing problems with his/her assigned team, who should I contact?


Please contact:

Vicki Langerman for Boys Programs
Stacey Crowley for Girls Programs

How do I submit a refund request?


Parents may request a refund via email by the noted refund cutoff date. Please clearly state the player's name, division, and the reason for refund. Any refund request for an injury requires a copy of the doctor’s report. Credit refunds will be issued and will be $25 less than the full Registration Fee.

Vicki Langerman for Boys Refunds
Stacey Crowley for Girls Refunds

Who do I contact if I am interested in coaching a team?


Bethesda Lacrosse is a non-profit organization and relies on our volunteer coaches. If you decide to coach, the Registration Fee for your son/daughter will be waived. Beginning Fall 2010, all coaches will be required to take the Level 1 US Lacrosse Certification. Bethesda Lacrosse will reimburse all certification fees.

If you are interested in coaching, please contact us through the email below.

Vicki Langerman for Boys Coaching
Stacey Crowley for Girls Coaching


What is expected of my son or daughter when they join a team?


When a player joins a team, he/she is expected to attend all practices and games. If they cannot attend a game or practice, then the Coach should be notified.


When are Boys and Girls Club (Travel) Tryouts?


Club Tryouts for our boys and girls club program are typically towards the end of August. Please check the website for updates and for exact dates/times/location. Our club program runs from September through end of June the following year (i.e. September 2022-June 2023) and tryout registration starts in June.

Does Bethesda Lacrosse offer a Club Team for girls?



Tryouts for Girls Club and Select Teams are typically at the end of August. Prospective players must register online prior to the Tryout. Our girls club and select program runs from September through end of June the following year (i.e. September 2022-June 2023) and tryout registration starts in June.

How do I change my family’s contact information?


From the home page of our website, click “Edit My Account”. Enter your email and password. Next click on the person in your family you wish to edit. Make the necessary changes and then Submit.

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?


Vicki Langerman for Boys Programs
Stacey Crowley for Girls Programs